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Abuse desk

If you believe an abuse has been committed through our systems, please take the time to let us know at


We have to note that currently a lot of spammers send out their trash with a fake "Sender", which pretends to belong to a different domain.
So, an e-mail message might seem to come from a legitimate user, while in the reality it has been sent by a spammer who masks his/her identity behind a real name, usually found by browsing the Net, or a randomly composed username. This behaviour is widely in use among spammers, and it is known that this technique is also widely used to hide the real senders of viruses.

As an important web service, our domains too are randomly selected and falsely used by spammers or phishers, as it happens to many web sites. Furthermore, given our prominent position in the European anti-fraud business, we additionally are exposed to the creativity of some annoying trolls, for obvious reasons.

Please consider that we have no way to physically stop this illegal practice, but any abuse is regularly reported to our national authorities for prosecution. International law limitations (especially regarding privacy policies) don't allow us to have immediate results, but we work on each abuse and we will go on until responsibles are finally punished. Of course, sometimes it is very easy for us to discover who is behind certain spamming campaigns; but in many of these cases, legal procedures cannot consent immediate actions to stop those campaigns.

To check whether a message was really sent through our servers, please look at the message's headers, in which a block of numbers (i.e.: 123.456.789.012) reveals the real connection IP number actually used to send the message.
Our servers' numbers always start with "195.182. __ . __ ".
Occasionally, our users might use an external SMTP service; in this case you will find in the header a block of numbers corresponding to commercial ISP services, usually based in Italy (i.e.: Alice/Telecom_Italia, Wind/Infostrada/Libero, and similar services), never in Germany.
You can find with Google several online services to investigate which network an IP belongs to.

If you receive mail with a fake sender, please take the time to let us know at

We deeply appreciate the time you will dedicate us to keep our web services efficient and correct.
Thank you



   Ariccia, Lunedi 13.07.2020, 00:54:41 GMT+1

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